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Single Family Applications

Loan Commitment System (compatible with Internet Explorer only, not Google Chrome or Firefox, etc.)
For further assistance, please contact the Partner Solutions Team at 651.296.8215 or 800.710.8871, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. business days.
This tool allows organizations to securely upload and download documentation for the following programs:
  • Community Homeownership Impact Fund (Impact Fund)
  • Emergency and Accessibility Loan Program
  • Enhanced Financial Capacity Homeownership Initiative (Homeownership Capacity)
  • Homeownership Education, Counseling and Training Fund (HECAT)
  • Rehabilitation Loan Program
  • Start Up and Step Up documents
Please review the instructions on how to use the Single Family Secure File Exchange.
This tool allows organizations to securely report client level data for the Homeownership Capacity program.
Please review the instructions on how to use the Homeownership Capacity Data Collection System.

Multifamily Applications

Secure Upload

  • - Architects Team: For contractors and developers to securely submit large sized construction documents to the Minnesota Housing staff architects.

  • - Submit all applications for funding including Publicly Owned Housing Program (POHP) applications, all Financials and Qualification Forms. (Customers submitting applications for the Annual Consolidated RFP must submit materials through the Multifamily Customer Portal, with the exception of Qualification Forms and Financials.)

  • - Rental Assistance Team: For rental assistance grant administrators to submit a draw request form for reimbursement for the HTF, HTF-ELHIF, Bridges, Bridges-ELHIF and Bridges RTC Programs. 

  • - Rental Rehabilitation Deferred Loan Team: For administrators to submit applications for RRDL Specific Project and Program Model Application Packages, loan closing submissions and final close out documents. (RRDL Property Owners, see

  • - TRACS team: For Management Companies and owners to submit Voucher detail.

  • - Compliance Team: For owners and managers to submit documents containing private data, including scanned tenant files. You must include the D number, Property Name and the Name of the assigned Compliance Offer in the subject line.


  • - For owners required to submit all documents associated to annual bond compliance (these requirements are separate from a developments’ tax credit submissions) such as the Exhibit B, IRS FORM 8703 or Form 474.A.047 Annual Certification of Compliance (if applicable).

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