Housing Trust Fund Rental Assistance

For rental assistance funding, there are three options: tenant-based, sponsor-based, and project-based rental assistance. Housing Trust Fund rental assistance is intended to be temporary in nature and to provide assistance through an Administrator to an individual household or through the owner of an Agency-financed development approved to receive project-based rental assistance.

Housing Trust Fund Program and Ending Long-Term Homelessness Initiative Fund Rental Assistance Program Guide

Income Verification Forms

Long Term Homelessness Verification Forms

Program Qualification and Administrative Forms

Leasing Forms

Housing Quality Standards

Administrator Created

Items listed below are to be created to meet your specific program criteria.

  • Program Policies & Procedures including:
    • Tenant selection process
    • Waiting List Procedures
    • Transition plan goals
    • Annual income and interim re-certification processes
    • Unit inspection procedures
    • Security Deposit Policy
    • Termination process
    • Program Application Form
    • Tenant Letter of Understanding Form
    • Property Inspection Form
    • Lead Paint Information Sheet and Brochure
Housing Trust Fund (HTF) Rental Assistance - Site-based and Tenant-based programs.