Tenant Selection Plan Guidelines

Minnesota Housing is committed to creating equitable, affordable, and accessible housing for all Minnesotans. Tenant Selection Plans and tenant screening criteria that reduce barriers to access are critical to these efforts.

Tenant Selection Plan Guidelines (Updated December 2020)

The Tenant Selection Plan (TSP) Guidelines are a requirement for all projects that are selected for an applicable program and funding source as a result of a funding application submitted to Minnesota Housing after March 31, 2021. 
For current properties with applicable program and funding sources, the considerations in the General Considerations section are requirements, and the items in the Tenant Screening Criteria section are recommended best practices.

Applicable Funding Sources: This table outlines funding source requirements for TSP guidelines.

Implementing Housing First in Supportive Housing: This document is a fact sheet from the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH).


Coming Soon! TSP Checklist and Help Text

In an effort to increase transparency of TSP review and check adherence to TSP guidelines, Minnesota Housing has developed a review checklist for TSPs submitted as part of due diligence. This checklist will serve as a guide for projects to verify the TSP includes the components necessary based on funding requirements and state and federal guidelines. Help text will accompany the TSP checklist to provide additional context for the requirements and expectations outlined in our Agency guidance, as well as other federal funding streams that Minnesota Housing monitors.
External partners will be expected to upload the completed TSP checklist, along with the draft TSP, to the Multifamily Customer Portal. Minnesota Housing staff reviewing TSPs will then use the completed checklist to inform their review.
The TSP checklist and help text, as well as a recorded training, will be provided outlining this new due diligence component and will include FAQs about implementation. Minnesota Housing staff will be available to help external partners transition to this new process.
Look for the TSP checklist, help text, and training to be made available in early 2021. We will send out communication via eNews, but in the meantime, contact Sara Gomoll with any questions.