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What benefits do you offer?

Health Insurance:

  • 100% of the employee premium paid, and significant portion of family premium also paid for by Minnesota Housing.
  • Two plan designs. Most employees participate in the traditional plan, some employees have the additional option of the high deductible plan.

Dental Insurance:

  • Low cost premiums.

Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance:

  • Employees receive employer-paid life insurance in amount equal to annual salary, with the option to purchase additional life insurance up to $500,000 and AD&D insurance.
  • Some managers receive an employer-paid combined life insurance and disability insurance policy.

Short Term and Long Term Disability Insurance

  • Optional insurance at excellent group rates.

Long Term Care Insurance:

  • Optional insurance. Covers long term care services not covered by health or disability insurance.
  • Can be purchased for employee, spouse, or parents/step parents.

Pre-Tax Benefits:

  • Dependent Care Expense Account
  • Medical/Dental Expense Account
  • Transit Expense account to set aside pretax money for parking and/or bus pass.

Vacation and Sick Leave:

  • Full-time employees will earn 13 vacation days per year upon hire. Accrual rates increase over time: 16 days per year after 5 years, 22 days per year after 8 years, up to a maximum of 29 days per year.
  • Most managers will earn 19 vacation days per year upon hire. Accrual rates increase over time: 22 days per year after 5 years, 24 days per year after 8 years, up to a maximum of 29 days per year.
  • Some employees eligible to receive vacation accrual credit for prior work service.
  • Employees earn approximately 13 sick days per year. Sick leave can be carried from year to year with no maximum.


  • 11 per year.


  • Most employees participate in a defined benefit pension plan funded by employee and employer contributions.
  • Retirement benefits are based on years of service and salary.
  • Employees may set aside a portion of their salary into a deferred compensation plan (similar to a 401k).

Parking/Bus Pass discount:

  • $20 agency contribution towards bus pass and parking (agency-contracted parking ramp only).

Tuition Reimbursement:

  • Agency provides generous tuition reimbursement program to help employees achieve professional development goals.

Health Care Savings Plan:

  • A pre-tax account where money is set aside to pay for medical expenses after retirement. 
  • Most managers begin contributing upon hire, most professional employees begin contributing after five years.
  • Upon retirement, many employees receive a portion of their unused sick leave paid into the Health Care Savings Plan.

Minnesota Housing is an Affirmative Action / Equal Opportunities Employer

Disclaimer: This is a summary of benefits information only. Benefits vary by contract or plan and the terms of employment.