Home Improvement Program Income Limits

Fix Up Loan Program

To qualify for the Fix Up Loan Program, your gross household income must be no greater than $104,000. The income limit is waived if the improvement is being made for the accessibility of a family member who is disabled or for specific energy improvements.

Rehabilitation Loan Program/Emergency & Accessibility Loan Program

Rehabilitation Loan Program income limits are based on federal median family income estimates and calculated at 30% of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area median income. They are applicable in all Rehabilitation Program areas of the state.
The following income limits are effective for any new commitments under the Rehabilitation Loan Program/Emergency & Accessibility Loan Program on or after May 1, 2018.
Household Size
Income Limits
1 Person $19,900
2 People $22,700
3 People $25,500
4 People $28,300
5 People $30,600
6 People $32,900
7 People $35,100
8 People $37,400
9 People $39,700
10 People $41,900
11 People $44,200
12 People $46,500
Please contact the Single Family Help Desk for larger household sizes.

Quick Start Disaster Recovery Program

No income limits apply to the Quick Start program.