Building Standards

Minnesota Housing establishes minimum design standards to assist in our commitment to meeting Minnesotans' needs for decent, safe and sustainable affordable housing. These standards also provide assistance to architects and contractors in understanding their role within Minnesota Housing's development process and associated requirements with their services.

2018 Rental Housing Design/Construction Standards (RHD/CS) Applicable to all Multifamily projects. Multifamily Projects may include single family homes, duplexes, townhomes and multi-storied buildings with elevators in which the occupants are renters and do not own the property.

Architect's Guide - Information and best practices for architects

Contractor's Guide - Information and best practices for contractors

Environmental Standards - Information and policy requirements for both new construction and rehabilitation projects

Physical Needs Assessment Template (Multifamily Buildings)

Physical Needs Assessment Template  (Single Family Homes)

Capital Needs Assessment 20 Year Expenditure Template (Scattered Site/Multiple Building Type Version)

Capital Needs Assessment 20 Year Expenditure Template (revised August 2018)

Capital Needs Assessment 20 Year Expenditure Template Instructions

Architects Opinion Letter

Construction Close-out

Certificate of General Contractor & Owner

Limited Scope Project Documents

To be used only with Minnesota Housing approval.

Limited Scope Project Sustainability Requirement

Limited Scope Project Abbreviated Design Standards

Reference Links


2018 MN Overlay & Guide to the 2015 Green Communities Criteria

Multifamily Intended Methods Worksheet

Single Family Intended Methods Worksheet

Waiver Request 2015 EGCC and MN Overlay

EGCC Criteria 5.1 Alternative Compliance Pathway Documents

Energy and Atmosphere Prerequisite 1

Enterprise and LEED for Homes 5.1b Alternative Path

LEED for Homes MF Mid Rise Thermal Enclosure Inspection Checklist

Enterprise Energy Performance Report Form

Useful Design and Construction Information

Building Design Standards FAQs

Design Tips and Opportunities

Design and Construction eNews Archive

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