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Other Community Development Programs

Enhanced Financial Capacity Homeownership Initiative (Homeownership Capacity)

Homeownership Capacity is a pilot program that provides financial support to eligible non-profit and government organizations that provide intensive financial empowerment and homeownership training to emerging markets (i.e. households of color or Hispanic ethnicity) and low-income renters who have the goal of homeownership.

For consumers, if you are interested in learning more about the Homeownership Capacity pilot program, please contact one of our Homeownership Capacity providers for more information.

Si usted está interesado en aprender más sobre el programa de capacitación técnica para los que quieren ser dueños de casa (“Homeownership Capacity” en inglés), favor de contáctarse con una de nuestras organizaciones proveedoras del programa para mayor información.

For Homeownership Capacity providers, please see program information and forms.

Program Concept

Emergency Homeowners' Loan Program (EHLP)

The Emergency Homeowners’ Loan Program (EHLP) is a federally funded counseling and mortgage payment relief program providing up to 24 months of payment assistance to homeowners facing foreclosure as a result of a substantial reduction in income due to unemployment, under employment, or as a result of a medical emergency.

This program is closed.


Minnesota Urban and Rural Homesteading Program (MURL)

The Minnesota Urban and Rural Homesteading Program (MURL) is designed to stop or prevent the spread of blight by financing to acquire and rehabilitate dilapidated single family housing. Homes are sold to at-risk borrowers, who agree to follow a “good neighbor” policy, via an interest-free contract for deed.  The following manuals and forms are for the use in portfolio management of current administrators.  New MURL funding is currently unavailable.
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