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Multifamily Rent & Income Limits

Housing Tax Credit (HTC), Tax Exempt Bonds, and Low and Moderate Income Rental (LMIR) Program


HOME Program

2014 HOME Rent Limits - Effective May 1, 2014

2014 HOME Income Limits - Effective May 1, 2014

Prior Year Rent & Income Limits

Minnesota Housing Deferred Loan Programs

Note:  We have made a significant change to how income and rent limits for Minnesota Housing’s deferred loan programs are displayed.  Because income and rent limit standards may not always be applied to the corresponding loan program listed on the legal documents (e.g., an EDHC loan may require use of MTSP income and rent limits when combined with tax credits) income and rent limits are no longer displayed under a specific funding program.  They are now contained on a chart under the heading, “Minnesota Housing Deferred Loan Programs.”   The chart has sections defining individual income limit and rent limit standards.  A key at the bottom of the page will assist you in identifying the acronyms used (e.g., SMI, AMI, MSA, etc.), and there is a reference chart showing the standard associated with the program that defined it under the respective program rule or statute.

Income and rent limits for HUD programs such as section 8 and HOME, MTSP’s used for tax exempt bond and Housing Tax Credits, and “Affordable to the Local Workforce” rent limits traditionally associated with EDHC and RRDL, are on separate reports.
We recommend you check your legal documents carefully to ensure you are using the correct income and rent limits for the loan that financed your property.

2014 Income and Rent Limits - Minnesota Housing Deferred Loan Program Chart

2014 Affordable to Local Workforce Rent limits
MARIF Occupancy Requirements (for income limits, see Chapter 2, Section C)

Minnesota Housing Rental Rehabilitation Loan

Prior Year Income Limits