Electronic Reporting Program (ERP)

Electronic Reporting of Tenant and/or Owner Certification Information & Building Map

The Electronic Reporting Program will assist owners and managers in completing the Building Map (HTC 28) for submission with the application for 8609, as well as the Tenant Income Certification (HTC 14), and will prepare the Tax Credit Summary Report (HTC 13).
This Electronic Reporting Program is secured with a password that must be entered each time the workbook is opened. This password ensures that private data is protected from view by those not entitled to this information. Before attempting to open or download this file, you must request the password from any of the HTC compliance staff at Minnesota Housing. Send us an email to your housing management officer to request the ERP Password.
Electronic Reporting Program - (xls format) Updated 8/12/2013

Completing the Building Map (HTC 28)

A hard copy of the Building Map for each building must be included in the application for 8609. Please see the relevant HTC Manual for Placed in Service submission requirements.
NOTE: To avoid duplication and error, owners should coordinate with the Management Agent to complete the Building Map within the Electronic Reporting Program.
In order to generate the Building Map (HTC 28), you must first complete the Project Info, BldgList and UnitList Tabs (see the instructions tab for assistance). There is no data entry required on the Building Map Tab (labeled BldgMap), but you MUST click on the "Initialize Building Map" button after the Project Info, BldgList and UnitList have been correctly populated. Then, use the triangular toggle at the top, left side of the form to view each building in the property. There are two print buttons which allow you to print one Building Map at a time, or to print Building Maps for all buildings.

Compliance Reporting

This Electronic workbook is designed to make Tenant Income Certification and the subsequent reporting easier for owners and managers and the information can then be submitted electronically to Minnesota Housing. However, owners have the option to manually report information on specified forms, to report on the Excel Workbook provided, or to use software from other companies that will prepare the same forms and reports as long as Minnesota Housing is able to rest compliance by extracting data or opening such programs.
Use of the electronic reporting does not imply a guaranty by Minnesota Housing that all potential noncompliance events will be flagged. Owners and managers are responsible for compliance with Section 42 requirements.

Secure Upload Tool

Minnesota Housing no longer accepts annual reports via email. The Secure Upload Tool allows owners and managers a fast and secure way to electronically submit their annual reports online.