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Informal Solicitation for Multifamily Third-Party Contractors

Minnesota Housing’s Multifamily Division regularly has the need to contract for services necessary to achieve its statutory and/or program responsibilities. Vendors services are often rendered by housing developers to meet Minnesota Housings application requirements.
The Multifamily Division is currently accepting proposals from vendors to be placed on “approved lists” for the following services:
  • Architectural Analysts
  • Construction Cost Analyst
  • Property Needs Assessors
Proposals must be submitted to be placed on an approved list. Proposals are due May 10, 2013.


The Minnesota Housing’s Multifamily Division offers a variety of affordable housing resources to developers and owners of rental housing including amortizing and deferred loans, grants and housing tax credits. Applications for funding are submitted a various times of the year including:
  • Annual Consolidated Request for Proposals - offered once per year, provides a means of "one stop shopping" by consolidating and coordinating multiple housing resources into one multifamily application process
  • Pipeline Applications -allows applicants to apply for funding at any time, subject to certain restrictions and funding availability
  • Housing Tax Credits - offers two application rounds per year with the primary round taking place in conjunction with the Consolidated RFP, and the second round having a priority for supplemental tax credits
Third Party Contractor Requirements
  • Meet specific requirements of individual open solicitation(s) below
  • Contractors shall not be employees of the state
  • Contractors shall not be debarred, suspended or subject to a Limited Denial of Participation (as defined in 24 CFR 24.105)
  • Meet identity of Interest requirements per MAP Guide
  • Single entities providing more than one third party contractor service are permitted. It may be possible for the same person/entity to provide multiple contract services for the same project
  • A separate solicitation proposal shall be provided for each service
The following are open Informal Solicitations
Proposal Resources
Informational Solicitation Questions and Answers
Submit Questions to: Julie Ann Monson at julie.ann.monson@state.mn.us
Answers will be posted within two business days.