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Minnesota Families Affordable Rental Investment Fund (MARIF)

The electronic MARIF Activity Report must be submitted through Secure File Upload.

Please refer to the MARIF Oversight Guidelines (below), Page 3, Electronic Tracking for more information.

MARIF Oversight Guidelines - Outlines the programs monitoring criteria

MARIF Program Guide - Updated 1/31/07

MARIF Activity Report (Excel Format)

MARIF Eligibility Verification Form

Data Practices Act Form Instructions
Please note: The head of household, spouse, co-head and all household members age 18 or older must sign and date a Minnesota Housing Finance Agency Government Data Practices Act Disclosure Statement (Data Practices Form below). The form must be included in each resident's file and pertains only to the MARIF units. Keep the original signed and dated Data Practices Form for your files making a copy for the resident.

Data Practices Act Form - Please read the instructions (above) before completing this form.

Fair Market Rents - Under the MARIF Oversight Guidelines (page 4) Rent Limits - you will need to know what the Fair Market Rents (FMR's) are for the County in which the development is located.

If you have any questions or if you do not have internet access or the Excel program. (we will send you the above documentation on disk for your use) contact Judith Leatherwood at 651-296-8149.