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Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) Stand-Alone Program

The MCC (Stand-Alone) option of the MCC Program provides access to a first-time homebuyer tax credit for borrowers who are receiving a non-Minnesota Housing home mortgage loan. The borrower fee is 1% of purchase price.

Lender Participation

To offer the MCC Stand-Alone, lenders must:

  • Submit the MCC Stand-Alone New Lender Application.
  • Return two executed copies of the Participation Agreement for Minnesota Housing Mortgage Credit Certificate Program.
  • Pay a lender participation fee of $250. 
  • Register for an MCC training.

If you are not a Minnesota Housing lender and would like to become one, please contact Christina Akinola.


Forms (do not use Start Up or Step Up forms)

Refer to the underlying mortgage product guidelines for additional required documents.

Additional Documents (required on some loans)