Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

Sustainable housing that utilizes both energy efficiency and clean energy solutions plays a key role in mitigating climate change, improving Minnesota’s environment, reducing utility bills for residents, and providing a healthier place to live. Minnesota Housing is: 
  • Actively participating in the Governor’s Climate Subcabinet and developing a more comprehensive climate strategy for Minnesota Housing
  • Enhancing our existing sustainability standards for the buildings we finance, which are primarily based on Enterprise Green Communities, to promote the development and rehabilitation of sustainable and resilient homes 
  • Working with our asset management team to continue providing sustainability education and supporting owners, managers and residents of existing buildings 
  • Assessing our work with an environmental justice lens, finding equitable housing solutions to minimize the impact of climate change on the most vulnerable populations 
  • Leveraging all available resources, such as utility incentives, city-based sustainability programs and other partnerships

Minnesota Housing's Participation in the Governor's Climate Change Subcabinet

The  Climate Change Executive Order (19-37) created a new subcabinet to rally the resources of state government and emphasize the urgent need for climate action. Minnesota Housing is participating in this subcabinet, which is comprised of executives from 15 state agencies, departments, and boards.

Minnesota Housing Initiatives

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