Interest Rates

Interest Rates Effective December 06, 2022 at 10:00 a.m.
Interest rates are subject to change at any time without advance notice. 

First Mortgage Loan Interest Rates

This document is prepared for Minnesota Housing Participating Lenders and is not intended for consumers:

Fix Up Loan Interest Rates for Home Improvements

Subordinate Lien
Interest Rate
Interest Rate**
Fix Up Loan Secured (12-60 months)
  5.750 %*
Call 651.296.8215
Fix Up Loan Secured (61-120 months)
  5.875 %*
Fix Up Loan Secured (121-180 months)
  6.000 %*
Fix Up Loan Secured (181-240 months)
6.250 %**
Fix Up Loan Unsecured (36-60 months)
6.750 %*
6.750 %
Fix Up Loan Unsecured (61-120 months)
6.875 %*
6.875 %
Community Fix Up Loan
4.500 %
Call 651.296.8215
Energy Incentive Loan
5.375 %
5.375 %
Accessibility Loan
5.375 %
Call 651.296.8215
*We offer a 0.25% interest rate reduction from the rate listed above for borrowers who agree to sign up for ACH auto-pay at time of loan closing. This interest rate reduction does not apply to the Energy Incentive, Accessibility, Community Fix Up and first lien interest rate loans.
**For loans using the first lien interest rate: The combination of the interest rate and loan repayment term may not cause the annual percentage rate (APR) for the loan to exceed the first lien position rate by more than 0.49%. 

In connection with Single Family Division loan programs, Minnesota Housing does not make or arrange loans. It is neither an originator nor creditor and is not affiliated with any Lender. The terms of any mortgage finance transactions conducted in connection with these programs, including important information such as loan fees, the annual percentage rate (APR), repayment conditions, disclosures, and any other materials which are required to be provided to the consumer are the responsibility of the Lender.