Minnesota Housing Independent Registered Municipal Advisor Notice

Minnesota Housing Finance Agency (“Minnesota Housing”) has retained an independent registered municipal advisor for its single-family and multifamily financings. Minnesota Housing is represented by and will rely on its municipal advisor (Gene Slater, Tim Rittenhouse, David Jones or Eric Olson with CSG Advisors Inc.) to provide advice on proposals from financial services firms concerning the issuance of municipal securities and municipal financial products under these programs (including investments of bond proceeds and escrow investments and with respect to outstanding and any new derivatives). Minnesota Housing’s contract with CSG Advisors Inc. extends through December 31, 2023; accordingly this notice may be relied upon until such date or until its earlier withdrawal (notice of which will be posted on this website).

Investor Question(s) About A Particular CUSIP

If you have a question about a particular CUSIP please contact: BONDHOLDER COMMUNICATIONS ( BONDHOLDERCOMMUNICATIONS@wellsfargo.com) or via phone at 800.344.5128.