Loan Servicing Manuals and Forms

Servicer Contact Information

First Mortgage Loans

Downpayment & Closing Cost Loans

  • Homeownership Assistance Fund (HAF), Deferred Payment Loan, Deferred Payment Loan Plus, and Monthly Payment Loan

Minnesota Housing loans are serviced by U.S. Bank.  Their contact information is:

U.S. Bank Home Mortgage
PO Box 1030
Minneapolis, MN  55480
Telephone:  800.365.7772

Home Improvement Loans, HOME HELP, and other Subordinate Liens

Payments should be sent to:
PO Box 52211
Phoenix, AZ 85702-2211
Customer Service Telephone:  888.263.7628 Ext. 1381

Payoffs/Satisfaction Requests

Contact the respective Servicer, if known, or fax title work to Minnesota Housing at 651.223.7017 or