Coordinated Entry (CE) System

The Continuum of Care (CoC) Program interim rule under the HEARTH Act requires that all CoCs implement a Coordinated Entry (CE) system and to do so in collaboration with their local ESG grantees. CE is defined to mean a centralized or coordinated process designed to coordinate program participant intake, assessment, and provision of referrals.

Statewide CE Assessment Tool

CE System Training Recording (57:29) - Training was designed to understand the purpose of integrating clarifying language into the VI-SPDAT, as well as to improve upon the overall assessment process within Coordinated Entry, which impacts the accuracy of the assessment process.  CE System Training Presentation and Printable Handouts.  If you have questions or comments to share, please email

CES Stakeholders Motion May 2018

Coordinated Entry Prioritization Assessment Tool (CEPAT) Work Group eNews Archive

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Statewide CE Planning and Implementation

Coordinated Entry Information for Housing Developers, Owners and Property Managers

Coordinated Entry Flyer

HUD Coordinated Entry Policy Brief

HUD Coordinated Entry Notice January 2017

CES Status Checklist 2017

Approved Strategic Plan

Approved Minnesota Statewide CE Policy and Procedures

Implementation Checklist

Interim Decision Group (IDG)


Affirmative Marketing Strategy

Denial Form - Agency

Denial Form - Client

Fact Sheet I

Fact Sheet II

Diversion Screening

Prioritization and Referral Framework

Sample Checklist

Sample Work Plan

Scattered Site or Voucher Program Housing Referral

Site Based Programs - Housing Referral

MOU COC and Provider Agency Template

MOU COC and Subcontractor for CES Coordination Template - coming soon