Information on the transition to an Interim Agency and System Administrator for Minnesota's HMIS.

Transition Newsletters Update

Wilder is actively maintaining the Training & Support tab and News tab to make sure HMIS Users have the most up-to-date information for their data entry and reporting. We have not updated the website to reflect governance nor structure changes set to take place on June 1.

HMIS Update - May 2, 2016

HMIS Update - May 9, 2016

HMIS Update - May 27, 2016

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Interim Changes

What agency will be the Interim HMIS Lead Agency (LA)/State System Administrator (SSA)?
The HMIS Interim Governing Board voted May 2nd to enter into contract negotiations with Institute for Community Alliances (ICA).  ICA has a rich history in providing both Lead Agency and System Administrator roles.  They also come highly recommended from CoCs across the country who have experienced HMIS transition.  ICA currently serves as HMIS System Administrator in 7 other states across the country. 

ICA will be reaching out very soon to introduce themselves to all of our MN HMIS users.

For more information on ICA please visit their website.

What are the responsibilities of the Interim LA/SSA?
ICA will be tasked with providing all core data administration and reporting functions.

When will ICA begin its role as the LA/SSA?
The target date for transfer is June 1.

System Priorities and Functions

Who do providers contact for Help Desk Support?
Continue to use Wilder for all help desk requests.  Information will come out closer to the transition date with instructions on how to access the help desk once the transition has taken place.  

What if agency staff need to complete HMIS Training?
All non-metro and refresher trainings have been postponed until further notice. Fortunately, there is a new online training option now available.

Metro trainings will continue as planned. Additional training options are being explored so please stay tuned!

A full schedule of training opportunities will be available again shortly after the transition has taken place.

What should my agency do regarding End User Fees?
All End User Fees due in the month of May should be paid to Wilder as invoices indicate and as has been done in the past. 

Any End User Fees due June 1 or beyond should be paid to ICA.  Communication will be coming soon as to how those payments will be charged and where they should be sent.

Are there any changes to upcoming reporting requirements?
Reporting schedules are being reviewed by state funders.  More to come in the near future if the transition will cause reporting deadlines to be pushed back.

How will this impact data being entered by my agency at this time?
At the provider level, there is no anticipated impact on entering data.

What if a new agency or a new program wants to be or needs to be added to HMIS?
Although a timeline for expansion has not been determined, ensuring that agencies and programs that have been waiting to access HMIS get added to the system is a priority during this transition period. If you work for an agency in this situation, please get in contact with your CoC Coordinator or funder and notify them. This information will be collected and used to determine the best way to incorporate this expansion of HMIS into the work moving forward.


How can I stay up to date with information about this change?
Keeping users updated through this time of change is important.  In addition to this website, a newsletter update will come out at a minimum of every other week.  The previous HMIS website is not being maintained at this time.

What if my agency has an adjacent contract with Wilder?
There are a number of agencies throughout the state with contractual relationships with Wilder specific to HMIS.  A specific communication is being developed for these agencies. ICA and the HMIS Interim Work Group are also working on sending a meeting request to all agencies with adjacent contracts to introduce you to ICA, talk more in depth about the transition, and how the transition will impact you.

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