Rental Assistance for Administrators

Minnesota Housing offers three programs to assist renters throughout the state with their housing costs. 

Housing Trust Fund Rental Assistance

Bridges Rental Assistance

HOPWA Rental Assistance (Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS)

Draw Request and Participant Reporting Form

The draw request workbook is secured with a password that must be entered each time the workbook is opened. This added security measure will protect confidential participant data when sent via Secure Upload Tool. Before attempting to open or download this file, you must request the password by sending an e-mail to any of the Rental Assistance staff members at Minnesota Housing. The draw request  is submitted monthly by Administrators and due by the 15th of each month.

Draw Request Form - Rental Assistance Payment Request Workbook (xls format)

Rental Assistance Secure Upload Tool and Secure Upload Instructions

Training Tutorials

Downloading the Draw Request Form (15:54) - Notes (pdf)

Part I: Draw Request Form Functionality (16:05) - Notes (pdf)

Part II: Draw Request Form Functionality; Monthly Log (16:52) - Notes (pdf)

Certifications and Name Changes (18:29) - Notes (pdf)
Annuals, Interims, Unit Transfers, Suspensions and Terminations

Housing Related Expenses, Excess Utility Fees and Adjustments (11:56) - Notes (pdf)