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Important Updates

HUD Transition from TRACS 202D to 203A Postponed

At this time, the transition from TRACS 202D to 203A has been postponed indefinitely. We will communicate the updated timeline as soon as it's available.

Questions? Visit HUD's TRACS webpage or contact your TRACS Data Analyst.

New HUD Guidance on Minnesota Supplementary Assistance Program Special Diet Allowance

On November 30, 2020, HUD released a Memorandum regarding the treatment of benefits received through the Minnesota Supplementary Assistance Program (MSA) that are provided for “medically prescribed diets if the cost of such dietary needs cannot be met through some other maintenance benefit”. This is often referred to as a special diet allowance.

Because Minnesota makes MSA special diet allowance available specifically for the cost of state determined medical expenses, HUD has determined that the MSA special diet allowance meets the income exclusion found in HUD Handbook 4350.3 Exhibit 5-1, Income Exclusions (4):

  • Amounts received by the family that are specifically for, or in reimbursement of, the cost of medical expenses for any family member.

HUD instructs owners to exclude this MSA special diet benefit from income calculations and to correct any previous certifications in which this benefit was included in income. Any underpaid subsidy will be credited to the tenant.