TRACS Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Vouchers and Special Claims

The Minnesota Housing TRACS Data Analyst works with Project Based Section 8 Owner/Agents to approve payment of the monthly Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Voucher. The TRACS Data Analyst role is to verify current accurate assistance is being paid on the monthly HAP Voucher, in order to maximize HUD’s housing resources, assuring maximum participation in HUD’s housing programs by as many eligible families as possible.

Owner/Agents submit tenant and HAP Voucher data via iMAX by the 10th of each month. Upon receipt of correct, error free TRACS files, the TRACS Data Analyst approves the monthly HAP voucher for submission to HUD with payment made on the first of the following month.  

Special Claims are submitted and processed throughout the month. Each special claim is date stamped upon receipt by Minnesota Housing. Minnesota Housing has 30 days from the date of receipt to review and approve, adjust or deny the special claim.

TRACS Data Analyst review and approval includes the following:

  • TRACS submissions and responses
  • Helping Owners/Agents with TRACS error corrections
  • Repayment agreements
  • Special Claims
    1. Vacancy Claims
    2. Unpaid Rent / Damage Claims
  • EIV  Non-Income Discrepancies

To help Owner/Agents with accurate and timely HAP Voucher payments, view the following resources:

Special Claims

Special Claims in the Multifamily Portal:

Section 8 and Section 811 Project-based Rental Assistance owners and management agents submit Special Claims packets to Minnesota Housing in the Multifamily Customer Portal (Portal). The Portal allows users to submit special claims packets and all supporting documentation electronically, check on the status of submitted claims, and view upcoming deadlines.

Guidance and Training:


General Resources