Workforce Housing Development Program

This competitive funding program targets small to mid-size cities in Greater Minnesota with rental workforce housing needs. Funding is available to build market rate residential rental properties in communities with proven job growth and demand for workforce rental housing. Communities are required to secure matching funds, one dollar for every two dollars in funding offered through the program.

Who Can Apply

Eligible applicants must satisfy the following requirements:
  • Must be an eligible project area (generally small and medium sized cities in Greater Minnesota)
  • Must be working with a developer
  • Must have a viable proposal for the development of a Market Rate Residential Rental Property, which can include mixed income.
Note: Minnesota Housing will not review applications submitted by developers.

Eligible Recipients/Project Area

An eligible recipient is an eligible project area. An eligible project area is either:
  • a home rule charter or statutory city located outside of the metropolitan area with a population exceeding 500;
  • a community that has a combined population of 1,500 residents located within 15 miles of a home rule charter or statutory city located outside the metropolitan area; or
  • an area served by a joint county-city economic development authority.
Note: Eligible project areas with fewer than 30,000 people will be given preference.

Apply for Funding

The Workforce Housing Development Program Request for Proposals is closed. Application materials list below are for reference only.

Resources for Applicants


Sara Bunn at 651.296.9827