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Capacity Building Intermediary Program

Minnesota Housing's Capacity Building Intermediary Program is a resource for organizations to provide technical assistance and/or pass-through financial assistance to communities. The goal of the Intermediary Program is to help develop and strengthen the capacity of communities, stakeholders and organizations operating in the housing planning, community and program development, and community engagement arenas. We will fund organizations with demonstrated subject matter knowledge to provide high quality technical assistance covering a variety of housing-related issues and/or to administer financial assistance to organizations and communities in need of additional support to meet community housing goals and needs.

Intermediary Grantees are important partners alongside Minnesota Housing in building capacity so that we can build communities where everyone can thrive. Funding intermediaries supports our strategic priority of strengthening disinvested communities, empowering communities to co-develop solutions and diversifying the partners with which we work. Intermediaries provide both the tailored technical assistance and the targeted engagement necessary to provide communities with the tools to help assess and address their housing needs. The work of intermediaries is critical to building and sustaining a community’s capacity not only through increased knowledge, but through the creation of new collaborations and strengthening existing community networks aligned to address its housing needs.  We want intermediaries to work in partnership with communities and to use their collective knowledge and creativity to co-develop strategies that work for communities.

Minnesota Housing will accept proposals that seek to build the capacity of organizations and communities across the state of Minnesota, with a focus on reaching the people and places most impacted by housing instability and disparities. Successful applications must demonstrate the ability to provide technical assistance and/or financial assistance through pass-through funding to organizations and communities in need of that support to reach their housing goals. 

We have allocated up to $250,000 for this initiative. We will provide up to $55,000 per grantee for an eighteen-month contract period. The program will provide funding to intermediaries to provide technical assistance and/or administer pass-through grants to develop and strengthen the capacity of communities, stakeholders and organizations in housing planning, program development and engagement activities. 

Application Materials and Instructions

The 2021 Request for Proposals is closed. The materials listed below are for reference only.


  • Application deadline: Tuesday, March 16, 2021 at 4:30 p.m.

  • Finalist interviews: March 26 and March 27, 2021

  • Applicants informed of funding decisions beginning May 27, 2021

Eligible Applicants

  • Tax-exempt nonprofits

  • Tribal governments and tribal corporate entities

  • Collaborations, if lead partner is a qualified applicant

Eligible Uses

Funds are intended to support efforts to build the capacity of organizations, communities, and/or local jurisdictions to meet community housing goals and needs. Funding should be used to provide direct technical assistance and/or financial support to organizations and communities.

Some examples of eligible activities include but are not limited to:

  • Community planning activities such as convening a variety of local stakeholders to identify housing needs and priorities, inform them about development processes, and creating a housing development plan.

  • Convene regional housing providers to create a regional market study and assess housing needs.

  • Provide technical assistance to a community-based organization to increase organizational capacity to engage in housing development and planning activities through strengthening internal policies and technical skills.

  • Provide technical assistance and pass-through financial assistance to assist a community-based organization to become certified as a Community Housing Development Corporation.

  • Pass-through funding to hire a consultant for a housing-related need.


If you have questions about the Capacity Building Intermediary Program, would like to discuss your ideas for an application or request an accommodation, please contact Alyssa Wetzel-Moore at You can also review this list of Capacity Building Intermediary Program questions and answers.