Family Homeless Prevention and Assistance Program (FHPAP)

Apply for Funding

Minnesota Housing is now accepting applications for the FHPAP Request for Proposals in accordance with Minnesota Statute 462A.204.  FHPAP is designed to provide supportive services and/or financial assistance to families, youth, and singles that are homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless. Funds assist households to retain or obtain housing. FHPAP outcomes are to:

  • Reduce the number of people who become homeless for the first time (Prevent)
  • Reduce the number of people who experience homelessness (Rare)
  • Reduce the length of time people experience homelessness (Brief)
  • Reduce the number of people who return to homelessness (One-time)
  • Increase equitable outcomes for households who are disparately impacted by homelessness (Equity)

Information Session

Minnesota Housing hosted an information session for the FHPAP Request For Proposal.  Watch the recorded session and download the slides.

Application Materials

Application Form and Signature Page (NOTE: These are only for reference. Applicants must complete the online application)

Application Process

The application along with its signature page, the Affirmative Action Certification Form, and the Program Budget must be submitted via the online application.  Current applicant financial documentation as specified in the RFP instructions must be uploaded to the Multifamily Secure Upload Tool. Refer to the Minnesota Housing website for instructions regarding the Multifamily Secure Upload Tool.  All documents must be submitted no later than 4:30 p.m. CT on Monday, May 17, 2021 to be considered for funding.  NOTE: The application Form above is a sample only.

Information for Current FHPAP Grantees

Grantee by Service Area

Program Information

Budgeting and Reporting

Visit for the latest updates on reporting on households served in HMIS.