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Homework Starts With Home

Information for Grant Administrators

Homework Starts with Home (HSWH) is a grant program focused on addressing homelessness and housing instability among students and their families. The program serves families with children eligible for a pre-Kindergarten through grade 12 academic program and youth (with or without children of their own) who are eligible for an academic program through grade 12 and who are without their parent or guardian.
Note: This program does not offer statewide coverage at this time.

Homework Starts with Home provides:

  • Supportive services to find and keep housing
  • Financial help for rent deposit, rent assistance, utilities, housing application assistance and other housing related costs

HSWH uses the following program guidelines: The Family Homelessness Prevention and Assistance Program (FHPAP) and the Housing Trust Fund (HTF) rental assistance program to prevent homelessness whenever possible and if homelessness does occur, to help make sure that it is rare, brief, and non-recurring.

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Guides and Documents
Budgeting and Reporting

Budgeting and Reporting

Other Helpful Tools
Grantee Training

Grantee Training

File Maintenance and Compliance Training

Minnesota Housing held a Request for Proposals (RFP) Information Session to provide an overview of RFP content. Watch the recorded Video (1:27:39) | Slides (February 13, 2023).

Minnesota Housing provided a training for grantees to provide direction in file organization, and collecting/maintaining proper documentation for the clients they serveWatch the recording (1:35:35) and view the presentation slides.

Due Diligence Training

Due Diligence Training Recording (28:24) and PowerPoint Presentation Slides (this training was held on November 3, 2021)

Information Sessions on the Preliminary Practice Model

To help potential applicants consider how the program and its preliminary practice model could be implemented, refer to the following informational sessions and materials:

  • Two-Generational Approaches to Supporting Families. View the slides, handout, and listen to the recording.

  • Leveraging Mainstream Resources. View the slides and listen to the recording.

  • Progressive Engagement and Rapid Rehousing. View the slides and listen to the recording.

  • Trauma-informed Care in Schools. View the slides and listen to the recording.

  • Lessons from the Hamilton San Francisco Pilot. View the slides and listen to the recording.

Draw Request Form and Submittal Instructions

Draw Request Form and Submittal Instructions