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Consolidated RFP Round 2

The 2024 Housing Tax Credit Round 2 is now closed.

The application window for the 2024 Housing Tax Credit (HTC) Round 2 has closed as of Thursday, February 22, 2024, at noon Central time. Selection recommendations for this round will be presented at Minnesota Housing's May 2024 board meeting. We will notify all applicants directly of the outcome.

Important Note: The HTC Round 2 establishes a waiting list for projects that do not receive an initial allocation. If additional HTCs become available, Minnesota Housing will pull projects from this list for a feasibility review to evaluate further allocations. Currently, Minnesota Housing has $487,000 in HTCs available. New funding opportunities will be posted as additional HTCs become available.

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Closed application resources and materials are for reference only. Visit the Multifamily Consolidated Request for Proposals/Housing Tax Credits Funding Rounds webpage.

Status of Other Funding for Round 2

Supplemental Priority

Projects that have previously received HTCs from Minnesota Housing or a suballocator and have an annual HTC shortfall of at least 5%—but not more than 33.33% of the total qualified annual HTC amount, subject to Minnesota Housing approval—will have priority over other applicants in Round 2 and those on the waiting list. If more than one project qualifies under the supplemental priority, the Agency will evaluate and rank eligible requests according to points claimed in the Self-Scoring Worksheet.

Additional Information

Refer to the Application Materials webpage and Multifamily Request for Proposals Standards for details on how to apply.

HTC Questions? Visit the Housing Tax Credits webpage or email the Housing Tax Credit team at

Questions regarding the Pre-Application for Section 811? Contact Ellie Miller at 651.215.6236.